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Use of natural materials in home decoration

Tóth Kornél
13/07/2022 10:00:00 AM

Home, the place where we can feel truly free, without all the stresses and distractions. Research has long explored what makes an ordinary property an island of peace, a home with a capital 'home', where you can be truly yourself.

Perhaps we can all agree that when it comes to creating a truly homely living space, it's essential to have decorative accessories that create a unique and personal atmosphere - a well-timed wooden wall decoration, decorative furniture or a map of your favourite holiday destinations.

However, these personal objects are even more important today, because, as well as having an emotional and aesthetic value, it is important that their materials and design bring a touch of naturalness to the modern, rustic environment.

In this article, we've put together 3 decorative materials that you can use to give your home a natural, yet contemporary feel.

Natural wood

Most furniture in the average household is made from wood or some kind of wood-based material, yet few of them have the natural look of natural wood. It's a completely different feeling to look at an object that bears the hallmarks of its natural state, such as the unique grain of the wood or the silhouette of the rings of age.

Dare to use natural wood furniture and decorative accessories in your home, mix and match different colours and patterns of wood and use them in a variety of ways, whether it's a nearly century-old antique piece of furniture, a small jewellery box or a striking and modern wall panel.

Moss and lichen

When we think of plants from an interior design perspective, most of us think of decorative houseplants whose care and needs are far beyond the ken of the average plant-lover.

But you don't need to be a botanist or a gardener to bring a slice of nature into your home, as decorative objects using moss and lichen are becoming more common, requiring far less attention and expertise, yet making it easy to believe that nature can reclaim your home.

Natural stone

Many people are wary of using decorative accessories that appear in nature in the same form as they are used in the home. This is the case with various natural stone objects, which are very divisive among interior designers.

Dare to take advantage of the robust and raw appeal of natural stone, which can draw people's gaze to it unintentionally. You can mix natural and edged decorative stones with professionally crafted stone-based decorative accessories to create the natural yet modern effect that will leave a lasting impression on your home.

So, besides having a positive effect on our sense of beauty, bringing nature into our homes can create an atmosphere in which we prefer to live our everyday lives and spend our leisure time.

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